25+ Best Job Board WordPress Themes

A job board website helps both recruiters and job seekers come together. That sounds simple, right? But, you need a multifunctional web template to design job listing sites. In this article, we have a list of 25+ best job board WordPress themes to get you started. 

HuffPost states that finding a job can take about four weeks to more than three months.

So, how can you make a daunting task like searching for a job as easily as possible?

You can select any one of these web templates and design a professional website in minutes!

What to Look for in Job Board WordPress Themes?

You need multifunctional attributes on your site that cater to all needs of job seekers and employers. 

For this, you need a web template that includes such crucial features. Here are eight essential elements/features that your selected job board WordPress theme needs to carry. 

1. Advanced Job and Resume Search

Your job board site should have an advanced search bar on the front page. Here, job seekers can search for their desired vacancy details. The job board WordPress theme should provide multiple filter options, like experience, location, and more. 

Besides, recruiters from various organizations can also visit your site. You have to allow them to search for a qualified candidate as well. So, look for a web template that provides safe and faster search options for both criteria. 

2. Job/Resume Submission

The job board WordPress theme should provide the facility to submit both the vacancies and resumes. With this feature, both employers and job seekers can upload their information with ease. 

You have to let employers enter details like job title, job location, salary, and more while submitting a vacancy. Job seekers should also be able to provide their qualifications, education, experience, and more while creating a profile. 

Besides, recruiters will only spend about 6 seconds reading a resume. So, your ideal theme should let job seekers build an attention-grabbing resume. 

3. Job Detail Page

A full description of any job is immensely helpful for job seekers before applying. You have to provide a pre-designed page layout for individual job descriptions. The job detail page should also have a CTA button that encourages qualified candidates to apply. 

4. Companies and Job Seekers Profile Pages

Does your selected WordPress theme include a company profile page? 

The recruiters want to set up their company profile on your job listing site. Also, they want to add their company introduction, number of employees, and other details. The goal is to attract qualified candidates for their job.  

Similarly, job seekers also want to attract employers’ attention with a flawless profile. They want to add their skill sets, previous employment, salary expectations, and other details.

Thus, your select job board theme needs to include profile page templates for job seekers and companies. 

5. Responsive/Mobile Friendly Design

Your web audience won’t stick to a single device to browse your job board website. The visitors can use either smartphones, laptops, desktops, or even a tablet. So, does your site render correctly on all of them? 

If you install a responsive WordPress theme, then you don’t have to worry! Responsive web templates make your site flexible and ready to view on all display devices. So, your visitors can get the same benefits from multiple screen sizes. 

6. Search Engine Optimized

Do you want your job site to rank higher on search engines? For this purpose, you have to optimize your website for search engines. If you select an SEO-friendly WordPress theme, your task becomes easy. 

Some of the search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. 

If your site ranks on the top results in these sites, you can quickly increase your web traffic. As a result, job seekers will prefer your website to search for relevant jobs. Similarly, employers will also rely on your site to post their new vacancies. 

7. Google Map Integration

When a recruiter posts a job to your website, they provide address details as well. Using this information, the shortlisted candidates can visit the office for an interview. 

If an employer marks their office location on a map, candidates can easily locate them. Therefore, your selected job board theme should integrate Google Maps in all the job detail pages. 

8. Translation Ready

Which audience group are you targeting for your job board website? If your audience speaks English fluently, then there is no need for translating your site. However, your audience might speak other languages. 

For such circumstances, you have to translate your site into a local language. Hence, the final thing to consider is the translation readiness of your selected WordPress theme. 

If you want to target audiences from multiple language groups, then you have to build a multilingual site. There are several multilingual plugins, like WPML and Polylang, for this purpose. So, make sure that your web template supports these plugins. 

List of Best Job Board WordPress Themes

Are you excited to find an ideal WordPress theme for your job board site? In this section, we provide you a list of 25+ best job board WordPress themes. With these powerful web templates, you can quickly start your job-listing business in 2022.

JobScout Pro


JobScout Pro is an easy-to-use WordPress theme for building a professional job listing website. Your website gets a fast load speed using this lightweight theme. JobScout Pro is responsive and SEO-optimized as well.

Your web visitors can search for their desired jobs with an advanced search bar in the Banner section. Here, you can add multiple filters, such as keywords, categories, and more.

Besides, JobScout Pro provides a frontend job submission feature. You also get a single job listing page template. On this page, you get sections like job category, description, salary, and more.

JobScout Pro is compatible with the WP Job Manager plugin. You get multiple job-board functionalities like adding and managing the jobs listing, with this plugin.

Also, JobScout Pro supports the WooCommerce plugin. This plugin enables you to set up an online store and enable online transactions.

JobScoutPro provides 15+ custom widgets for Contact, FAQs, Stat Counter, Team Members, and more.

You get several attractive homepage sections with JobScout Pro. Some of them are Job Posting, Steps-to-Apply, Call-to-Action, Testimonials, and Blog Feed. Also, this theme includes social icons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Additionally, JobScout Pro is translation-ready and supports Right-to-Left language scripts.

Theme DetailsDemo


Jobify WordPress Theme

Jobify is a speed-optimized WordPress theme that lets you design multifunctional job board websites. You get a retina-ready display with this theme that renders your site correctly on high-resolution screens.

Besides, this theme is responsive and also SEO-optimized. You can import its demo content with a single click. Jobify includes numerous homepage layouts. Also, this theme provides a drag-and-drop editor to customize these layouts.

Jobify supports the WP Job Manager plugin. With this plugin, you can modify frontend job submission, filterable lob listing, and other functionalities for your human resource site.

Besides, Jobify lets your audience apply for jobs using Facebook. For this purpose, you get the ‘Apply with Facebook’ plugin. Jobify is also compatible with the form builder plugins like Gravity Forms, NinjaForms, and Contact Form 7.

Jobify provides an advanced job search bar to make search results appear quickly.

The attractive homepage sections help you to beautify your job site. Some of them are the Clients’ Logo, Call-to-Action, Stats Counter, Testimonials, News Feed, and more. You also get pre-designed page templates for Testimonials, Pricing, and others.

Jobify lets you customize text colors, logos, background, and other elements of your site. 

Theme DetailsDemo


JobCareer WordPress Theme

JobCareer is an elegant WordPress theme with a versatile design. You can use this responsive and SEO-friendly theme to design job board sites. JobCareer provides more than 16 demo templates with diverse homepage layouts.

This theme supports the WooCommerce plugin that helps you set up an eCommerce store quickly.

JobCareer includes tons of premium add-ons as well. For instance, WC Paid Listings lets you build custom job packages. The Resume Manager plugin also helps you add a resume submission form and resume listings on your job board site.

Besides, JobCareer makes it easy for you to monetize your website using multiple methods. Some of them include Membership Packages, Advertising spaces, paid listing, and more.

The appealing Banner slider on the homepage adds beauty to your job-listing site. JobCareer also includes several other sections. Some of those elements are Advanced Search Bar, Job Categories, Featured Jobs, Latest Candidates, and more.

JobCareer provides several powerful features as well. For instance, your potential customers can submit jobs via the front end. Also, you can provide resume and profile-building services to job seekers.

Additionally, JobCareer supports the WPML plugin. So, you can convert your site into a multilingual site.

Theme DetailsDemo


WpJobus WordPress Theme

WPJobus is a multifunctional WordPress theme for building job-related websites. You can use this theme for the job board/portal, company profile, and personal resume websites.

This elegant theme features animation and transition effects in the Banner slider. WPJobus is responsive and retina-ready. So, your website renders correctly on all screen sizes.

WPJobus includes a built-in monetization model from Stripe. Stripe is an online payment platform for managing eCommerce businesses.

The different homepage sections help you to embellish your job board website. Some of them are Stats Overview, Jobs Feed, Register Account, Testimonials, Featured Companies, and so on.

You get a Front-End Data Input User Interface as well. With this feature, your audience can create accounts, build their resumes, add company profiles, and more.

Besides, WPJobus includes advanced search filters and refinements for both jobs and candidates. You even get page layouts for Resume, Company Profile, and Job Offers. Other page templates include How it Works, Pricing Plans, About Us, and more.

WPJobus has advanced typography settings and provides more than 630 Google fonts. You also get unlimited color customization options.

Theme DetailsDemo


JobMonster WordPress Theme

Jobmonster is a feature-rich WordPress theme that helps you design job board websites. You get more than nine homepage variations with diverse homepage layouts. Jobmonster is responsive and also SEO-optimized.

You can display the pricing plans for job posting on your website. Jobmonster integrates the WooCommerce plugin to help you with the payment process.

With Jobmonster, you get several powerful features for job listings. Some of them include sending a job to a friend, saving, sharing, emailing, and more. The candidates can even apply smart and advanced filters to find their ideal job quickly.

Jobmonster also provides an easy front-end management dashboard. Here, the recruiters can manage jobs, applications, shortlists, and other elements. Whereas, job seekers can take care of their resumes, applications, job alerts, and so on.

Also, you can provide submission platforms for both individuals. Recruiters can submit jobs, and candidates can upload their resumes with an intuitive dashboard.

Jobmonster carries the WPBakery Page Builder. This plugin helps you to build a multifunctional job-listing site with ease. Additionally, you can automate the email marketing approach with the Mailchimp plugin.

Besides, you can translate your website into multiple languages with Jobmonster.

Theme DetailsDemo


Jobseek WordPress Theme

Jobseek is a professional WordPress theme for designing websites for recruiting agencies, human resources, and more. You get minimal homepage design for illustrating jobs, company details, resumes, and more.

This job-related web template integrates the WP Job Manager plugin. You can add more functionalities for job boards using this lightweight plugin. Also, the FaceWP plugin helps you to provide advanced filtering for job seekers.

Jobseek even supports the Apply With Facebook plugin that helps job seekers to apply for a job instantly.

Besides, you can let registered users save their job searches. So, you can send them emails, either daily or weekly for job alerts. Jobseek integrates the MailChimp plugin to help you with this process.

Jobseek provides all other essential elements that a job board website requires. Some of them include frontend job submissions, single job listings, intuitive dashboards, and more.

Also, Jobseek includes appealing homepage sections to help beautify your job site. Some of them are Latest Job, Testimonials, Our Partners, and so on.

The sticky header bar of Jobseek helps your web visitors to navigate your site with ease. Also, Jobseek integrates several social media platforms. Some of them are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

Theme DetailsDemo

Recruitment Agency


Recruitment Agency is a responsive WordPress theme with a parallax effect. With this theme, you can design job board websites for all industries. Your audience can create an account, upload resumes, post jobs, and perform several other activities.

The WooCommerce plugin integration lets you set up an online store and sell products from your site. Recruitment Agency also helps you to manage your payment process with this powerful plugin.

Besides, Recruitment Agency also integrates Google Maps for all the jobs. So, job seekers can quickly locate the recruiters’ workplace address.

You get multiple page layouts with Recruitment Agency. Some of them are for Companies Listing, Companies Profile, Candidates Listing, Candidates Profile, and more.

If a candidate likes a job, then they can simply add it to the basket. Recruitment Agency lets them apply for all the saved jobs with a single click.

The candidates can even check the application status of their applied jobs on your website. This theme provides three colors to denote its status. The green color indicates that the job is approved, orange means it’s pending, and red means it’s rejected.

Recruitment Agency provides unlimited color options and hundreds of Google fonts as well.

Theme DetailsDemo



Handyman is a job board WordPress theme with a neat and clean layout. You can design job sites for designers, plumbers, and construction workers. Handyman has a spacious design that encourages your audience to spend more time on your website.

Besides, Handyman is responsive and renders your site on all devices.

This theme is compatible with the WP Job Manager plugin. With this plugin, you can provide several benefits to both the job seekers and employers.

For instance, you can allow job seekers to build their profiles, add photos, skill sets, and other details. Also, employers can submit jobs from the frontend. They also get single job listings that include job description, company description, and more.

Also, Handyman integrates the WPBakery Page Builder. This builder plugin provides an intuitive drag-and-drop layout that helps you to design your job site quickly.

Handyman provides four homepage templates for different purposes. You also get several custom widgets like Flickr Feeds, Contact Info, and so on.

Additionally, you get unlimited color options with Handyman. This theme even provides 779 Google fonts and 634 FontAwesome icons. With these customization options, you can modify your site as per your needs.

Theme DetailsDemo



WorkScout is an elegant WordPress theme that features a fast load speed. Some of its purposes include building job sites for recruiters, employment agencies, and others. WorkScout is responsive and also features an SEO-friendly design.

You can provide advanced filters for job listings to facilitate job seekers. WorkScout integrates the WP Job Manager plugin that offers advanced job-related functionalities.

Another powerful plugin for your job listing is the Resume Manager. With this plugin, you can encourage job seekers to create or upload their resumes. Also, the Application Deadline plugin helps employers to set an expiration date for their job.

You can insert Google Maps and several other alternatives to it as well. Some of the other options include Bing Maps, Open Street Maps, and MapBox.

Besides, WorkScout lets job seekers and employers communicate via private messages as well.

WorkScout includes several appealing sections on the homepage. Some of them are Recent Jobs, Job Spotlight, Popular Categories, and Testimonials. Also, you get the Banner section with text animation effects.

You also get a pre-designed job page layout. WorkScout includes job overview, company details, Apply For Job button, and other sections on this page.

Theme DetailsDemo



FreelanceEngine is a neat and clean WordPress theme for designing an online freelance portal. You get a secure and safe platform for bidding freelance projects and perform transactions.

FreelanceEngine is responsive and also features an SEO-friendly design. With this theme, you get an insightful overview of your site revenue, jobs listed, and more.

With FreelanceEngine, you can monetize your freelance job listing site with multiple methods. Some of the processes include charging a certain amount from employers, earning revenue from ads, and more.

You can allow employers to choose from different payment packages to post their job on your site.

FreelanceEngine supports Escrow.com for secure transactions and other purposes. Also, this theme lets you make payment via multiple methods. Some of them are PayPal, Stripe, and so on.

Also, FreelanceEngine provides an advanced search bar. The freelancers can search for a project based on keywords and other filtering methods. Recruiters can also search for freelancers using this search feature.

FreelanceEngine supports several WordPress extensions as well. For instance, the W3 Total Cache plugin helps improve your site’s SEO and user experience.

Theme DetailsDemo



JobsFinder is a job portal WordPress theme with a variety of powerful features. With this theme, you can create a hotspot for both job seekers and employers. JobsFinder includes parallax scrolling and video background effects to embellish your job site.

You get an attractive slider to display your essential pages like job feed, company profiles, and others. This responsive theme renders your site on all display devices. JobsFinder is also SEO-optimized.

JobsFinder supports the Resume Manager plugin that helps job seekers to fill up resume submission forms and more.

The advanced search bar on the homepage helps candidates to find their desired job quickly. They can modify the search based on filters like full-time, part-time, freelance, temporary, and others.

JobsFinder also lets employers search for talented candidates. They can search for potential employees based on resume types, locations, and more.

Besides, JobsFinder includes multiple widget areas. You can insert widgets at the sidebar, footer, header, and so on. Some of its custom widgets are for Twitter Timeline, Pinterest Profile, Facebook, and others.

You don’t want to use the same boring fonts throughout your website, right? Therefore, JobsFinder provides you an extensive collection of Google fonts for flexible typography customization.

Theme DetailsDemo


Nokri WordPress Theme

Nokri is a reliable WordPress theme that helps you design job board websites. You can provide several unique features, such as CV scoring, profile completion status bar, and others.

You get an advanced search bar in the Banner section of the homepage. Nokri is responsive and SEO optimized. Also, you can import its demo content with a single click.

Nokri provides more than 80 payment methods for your website. Your customers can make payments via PayPal, Stripe, PayFast, and more. Also, this theme supports the WooCommerce plugin that helps you sell your services with ease.

You can build your job site using the drag-and-drop interface of the WPBakery Page Builder.

Besides, the 12 homepage layouts of Nokri helps you to diversify your web design. You even get two pre-designed page templates for the employer’s detail and candidate profile.

You can allow employers to post jobs from the front-end of your site. Nokri even provides the job alert feature for the registered candidates. Also, the job seekers can upload their resume on the website so the employers can sort the best option out.

Moreover, your candidates can apply for a job with either their resumes or via LinkedIn profiles.

Theme DetailsDemo



JobBoard is a responsive WordPress theme with an elegant design. You get an appealing transition effect on the Banner section of the homepage. The review system for companies helps candidates make better decisions while applying for a job.

This retina-ready theme helps your site to render with high resolution on all retina display devices. JobBoard also provides the parallax image and video background effects. This theme is SEO-optimized as well.

JobBoard integrates several premium plugins for free. The WPBakery Page Builder helps you to build your site with more than 50 custom elements. Also, the Slider Revolution plugin provides advanced slider customization settings.

JobBoard provides more than 1000 web fonts and unlimited color options.

The intelligent search bar helps job seekers to enter job keywords, location, categories, salary range, and other details. JobBoard also provides a list of featured candidates for recruiters to select the most qualified one(s).

Besides, you get several appealing homepage sections that help you decorate your job site. Some of these elements are Job Categories, Featured Jobs, Featured Companies, What Makes Us Special, and others.

Additionally, this theme is translation-ready and supports RTL language scripts as well.

Theme DetailsDemo


WorkUp WordPress Theme

WorkUp is a WordPress theme for designing job board websites. With this theme, you can provide a creative dashboard for both job seekers and employers. WorkUp provides smooth page transition effects as well.

Your audience can view your site on any screen size using this responsive and retina-ready theme. WorkUp also features an SEO-friendly design.

Besides, WorkUp is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. So, you can sell your services and products.

WorkUp provides multiple pre-designed homepage layouts. You also get an extensive collection of other page templates like Candidate Detail, Employer Detail, and others.

The Candidate page layout features appealing elements to introduce job seekers to recruiters. Some of its sections are About Me, Information, Education, Skills, and so on.

WorkUp also provides multiple sections in the Employers’ page. Some of them are Employer Description, Stats, Contact Form, Open Position, and others.

Moreover, WorkUp features an advanced search bar with multiple filter options. Your audience can add filters for keywords, location, categories, and more.

You can insert shortcodes for Comparison Pricing Tables as well. With this feature, the employers can get the idea of which pricing plan they should choose.

Theme DetailsDemo


JobHunt WordPress Theme

JobHunt is a minimal WordPress theme with elegant typography. You can design clean and sleek job-listing websites to cater to both job seekers and employers.

This retina-ready and responsive theme helps you to render your site on all screen sizes.

With JobHunt, you can apply a parallax effect to your website. You also get a sticky header bar for easy navigation. The Back-to-Top button in the footer section helps you to scroll up to the header area instantly.

JobBoard provides eight unique homepage and six job page layouts. Other page templates also include for Blog, About, Contact, Pricing, and so on.

You also get 10+ page templates related to employers. Some of them are for Employer List, Profile, Packages, and Dashboard. The Profile page lets them add their company information, such as description, social links, Google Maps, and more.

Similarly, the page layouts for candidates include My Resume, Applied Job, and others. Job seekers can add several informative elements in My Resume page. Some of its sections are Work Experience, Portfolio, and Professional Skills.

Besides, JobHunt includes numerous Google fonts, icons, and color options for your website customization.

Theme DetailsDemo


Careerfy WordPress Theme

Careerfy is an advanced WordPress theme for building multifunctional job portal websites. This theme provides a diverse range of homepage demos. You can select them for making job sites for corporate, pet care, and babysitting services.

Being SEO-optimized, Careerfy helps your website to rank higher on search engines. This theme is responsive and also features a retina-ready design. You even get a fast load speed for your job site.

You can import the jobs from Indeed, CareerJet, ZipRecruiter, and other human resource platforms. Careerfy allows job seekers to create a profile as well. They can even build and manage their resumes on your site.

Also, Careerfy supports the WooCommerce Subscription Extension. With this plugin, you can offer weekly, monthly, or even yearly packages.

Besides, you get an advanced search bar on the Banner section. Here, both employers and job seekers can add advanced search filters.

Careerfy provides page templates for various purposes. You get layouts for Job Listings, Employer Detail, Candidate Detail, Job Packages, and more.

The homepage includes several sections like Stats Counter, Job Categories, Blog Feeds, and others.

Lastly, you can convert this site into a multilingual site, effortlessly with the WPML plugin.

Theme DetailsDemo


Cariera WordPress Theme

Cariera is a spacious WordPress theme for designing minimal job listing websites. Its clean design encourages audiences to spend more time on your site. Your web users can take great advantage of its easy-to-use dashboard.

With Cariera, you can add a custom mega menu on your job site. With this feature, you can display multiple items on your menu bar. Also, this theme is responsive and SEO-optimized.

Cariera supports the Elementor Page Builder. With this builder plugin, you get tons of custom elements to design your site with ease.

Besides, the search bar of Cariera provides various filter options. Some of them are location, keyword, salary, and others.

The candidates can apply for jobs easily without even creating an account. They simply have to fill up the application form and attach a resume. Also, Cariera helps recruiters to manage application status and add private notes if required.

Besides, Cariera even provides bookmarking features. So, employers can bookmark resumes, and job seekers can bookmark vacancies.

Cariera includes six job listing layouts. This theme also provides four company and resume listing templates. You even get more than 800 Google fonts to customize your site.

Theme DetailsDemo

Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter WordPress Theme

Pet Sitter is an adorable WordPress theme that helps you to design job listing sites for pet caretakers. This responsive theme renders your website on all screen sizes.

You can integrate the WooCommerce plugin for setting up an online store. This plugin also helps you to sell job-related services and manage the payment process.

Besides, Pet Sitter supports the WP Job Manager plugin. With this plugin, you can manage job listings, allow employers to delete their job listings, and more.

Pet Sitter also integrates the WPBakery Page Builder. You get full control of your website design with this front-end and backend page builder plugin.

The Banner section of its homepage features an elegant slider and a search box. Job seekers can use this search box with multiple filter options like location, categories, and more.

Pet Sitter also includes a pre-made page template for the list of pet caretakers. Employers can use the advanced search bar on this page to search for their desired candidates.

Besides, you can integrate several social links on your site as well. Some of them are for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Moreover, you can even translate this theme into multiple languages.

Theme DetailsDemo


Babysitter WordPress Theme

Babysitter is a job board WordPress theme for babysitting services. You can build job sites that focus on nannies, caregivers, or nursery maids. Babysitter provides an adorable homepage layout with appealing typography and colorful sections.

You get the WP Job Manager plugin with Babysitter. This plugin helps parents/recruiters to add and manage several job listings. They simply have to fill up a frontend submission form to make their job vacancy go live.

Also, Babysitter supports the Resume Manager plugin. The child caretakers/job seekers can build their resumes quickly with this plugin. They can include information on their profile, such as photos, videos, skill sets, location, and so on.

The homepage of Babysitter includes several appealing sections. Some of them are Featured Area, About, Recent Jobs, Stats Counter, and others.

You can integrate Google Maps on your job site as well. With this feature, parents can mark their location on their profile.

Babysitter also provides more than 700 Google fonts to customize your typography settings. Besides, you get 634 FontAwesome icons and more than 250 Entypo icons. You can modify your site’s color settings with unlimited options as well.

Theme DetailsDemo



Capstone is a modern and gorgeous WordPress theme for human resource websites. You can build an online community that helps job seekers and employers find each other.

The white-label dashboard of Capstone helps your audience to manage their profile with ease. Also, you get clean pages for registration, checkout, and more. So, your customers get an excellent user experience of your site.

Capstone is responsive and also features an SEO-friendly design. Your site also gets a super-fast load speed with this lightweight theme.

Besides, you can allow potential customers to select from different pricing packages.

Capstone lets job seekers select a pricing plan to apply and browse a certain number of job applications. Also, this theme allows employers to choose a submission package that limits the number of jobs posted.

The advanced filter setting allows both job seekers and employers to select their perfect jobs or resumes. Capstone provides filters for location, keyword, experience, and other elements.

Moreover, you can even manage the field visibility for individual elements. For instance, if an employee wants to hide salary and phone numbers from unregistered users, then you can do so.

Theme DetailsDemo


Meshjob WordPress Theme

MeshJobs is a minimal WordPress theme that lets you design clean and professional websites. This spacious web template, specifically enables you to build human resource platforms, like a job-portal site.

The parallax scrolling and transition effects of MeshJobs help you to beautify your site. Also, this theme is mobile-friendly. So, your website can render well on all devices.

MeshJobs supports the WP Job Manager plugin. Your audience can get several benefits from this job board WordPress plugin. Some of them include an intuitive user interface, filterable job listings, frontend job submission, and so on.

Besides, this theme also integrates the WPBakery Page Builder for free. You can customize your site with full flexibility using its drag-and-drop interface.

The homepage of MeshJobs features several appealing elements. Some of those sections include Banner, Recent Jobs, Stats Counter, Recent Companies, and others.

You also get a Plans and Pricing section with MeshJobs. The employers can choose a perfect subscription plan to submit a certain number of jobs within a set duration.

Besides, job seekers can opt for job alerts to get notifications of relevant jobs based on their search history. They can also add advanced filters while searching for their desired jobs.

Theme DetailsDemo



StaffScout is a WordPress theme for building feature-rich job board websites. You get both transition and parallax slider effects in its Banner slider. The mega menu feature of StaffScout helps you to display images, sliders, and other elements in the menu bar.

This retina-ready theme makes sure your site looks crisp on all devices. Also, StaffScout is responsive/mobile-friendly.

StaffScout supports various powerful plugins. Some of them are WooCommerce, for setting up an online store, YoastSEO to manage SEO settings and more. Besides, you can build your job site with ease using the WPBakery Page Builder.

You get a user-friendly job list page template with StaffScout. Its advanced search bar provides filter options for location, job type, and other elements. Also, this page includes an integrated Google Maps section on the header area.

Additionally, the Job Single page layout allows employers to provide detailed information for individual job applications. Here, you can find sections for Company Details, Recommendations, Job Description, and so on.

StaffScout includes an extensive collection of shortcodes. Some of them are for Listing Search, Resume Item, Animation Holder, and Pricing Tables.

Also, you can translate this theme into multiple languages. StaffScout also supports multilingual plugins, like WPML.

Theme DetailsDemo



Craftory is a creative WordPress theme that lets you add a video as the background of the homepage Banner. You can design job board websites for tradespeople, artisans, handymen, and contractors with Craftory.

This theme helps you to build a clean, modern, and responsive site. Craftory also provides SEO settings to improve your site’s ranking on search engines. The sticky header bar helps your web audience to navigate your site with ease.

You can monetize your site with ease using Craftory. Some of the ways to do it include Google Adsense, membership subscription, and more. Also, you can benefit from multiple payment methods, like PayPal, Stripe, and PayU Money.

Craftory also allows your users to leave reviews. For instance, a job seeker can provide feedback on recruiters’ profiles and vice versa.

The job listing page template provides an advanced search bar. Here, the candidates can filter out the options based on a city, region, category, and more. This page also integrates Google Maps to help users navigate the employer’s location easily.

Besides, Craftory provides unlimited color customization options and more than 600 Google fonts.

You can also translate your site into multiple languages. Craftory even supports the RTL language scripts.

Theme DetailsDemo

Job Board

Job Board WordPress Theme

Job Board is a simple WordPress theme for designing job listing websites. Some of the purposes of Job Board are the company’s job portal, niche-specific job board sites, and more. You can build a sophisticated site with its minimal and plain homepage design.

Your website renders excellent on all screen sizes with Job Board. Also, this search engine optimized theme helps your site rank higher on search engines.

Job Board supports the WooCommerce plugin. This plugin helps you to sell job-related services to your customers with ease. You can even make it easy for job seekers and employers to create profiles using the Profile Builder plugin.

Besides, Job Board provides an advanced search bar in the header area. Candidates can filter out jobs, based on categories like job type, duration, and others.

Also, recruiters can submit an application using the ‘Post a Job’ button. The homepage of Job Board also features a Job Feed section. Here, you can allow recruiters to display the company logo, job title, date posted, and other information.

You can even integrate Google Maps to let job seekers easily identify the recruiters’ location. Moreover, Job Board enables you to modify the color settings of your site.

Theme DetailsDemo


Kormosala WordPress Theme

Kormosala is a simple and minimal WordPress theme. The purpose of this web template is to design human resource sites, such as job portals. You get a smooth page transition effect for providing a good user experience to your audience.

The spacious design of this theme helps your audience to browse your site with ease. Kormosala is responsive and features an SEO-friendly design. Also, the retina readiness of this theme helps in rendering your website with high resolution.

Besides, Kormosala integrates the WooCommerce plugin for setting up an online store. This feature helps you to sell job-related services to your audience and also manage the payment process.

Kormosala lets you import the demo content with a single click. Its demo includes several sections, page templates, and more.

You get pre-designed page templates for Candidate List, Employer Detail, Job List, and more. The appealing homepage sections of Kormosala include Banner, Job Categories, Testimonials, Call-to-Action, and others.

Kormosala also has a Back-to-Top button. With this button, your web visitors can scroll up to the header area quickly.

Additionally, you get an advanced search bar in the Banner section of the homepage. Both job seekers and recruiters can benefit from this feature.

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Fitsica WordPress Theme

Fitsica is an advanced WordPress theme for designing fitness-related job board sites. You can find job categories like Gym, Yoga, Zumba, and other similar jobs. The smart search bar on the Banner section of Fitsica provides advanced filter options.

This SEO-optimized theme helps your site rank higher on search engines. Fitsica is responsive and retina-ready. Also, this theme provides five homepage demos for various purposes.

The WooCommerce plugin integration of Fitsica provides several benefits. For instance, you can make payment plans for employers to post a set number of jobs in a given duration.

With Fitsica, you can provide an employer dashboard where they can manage different sections. Some of them are for company profile, handling jobs, responding to applications, and more.

Besides, job seekers also get a dashboard to manage their resumes, edit profiles, view job profiles, and others. They can submit resumes to different jobs directly from the front-end of your site.

Job seekers and employers can communicate effectively via your website. Fitsica integrates the Frontend PM plugin that facilitates private messaging among these two individuals.

Fitsica also provides unlimited color and Google font options.

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HireBee WordPress Theme

HireBee is a simple WordPress theme for building a freelance online portal. With this theme, you can provide a unique workspace for both freelancers and employers. They can communicate and manage the project within the same dashboard.

HireBee renders your site correctly on all display devices. Also, this theme is SEO-friendly.

HireBee provides powerful monetization tools with multiple payment options. First of all, you can earn by implementing a pricing package model. Then, you can let employers pay for your service using credit cards, Stripe, or others.

Additionally, with Stripe, you get an Escrow payment system. Here, you can hold the money from your employer after they hire a freelancer. You can deduct the amount from their account after the project is complete.

The appealing homepage elements of HireBee include Banner, Latest Projects, Sponsored Ads, Top Freelancers, and others. You can also integrate multiple social icons on your site. HireBee supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

With HireBee, employers can build their custom project forms. They can include any sections and fields to communicate job details to freelancers.

Your user can easily search for jobs and freelancers. Additionally, they can even save their search filters for further use.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Job Board WordPress Themes

Q. Should I Provide an “Apply with LinkedIn” Button for Job Seekers?

A. Yes. As you know, LinkedIn is a standard recruitment platform. So, you can make the job search easier by integrating this social channel.

The vast majority of job seekers already have a LinkedIn profile. If you include an ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ button, they can apply for a job instantly. The recruiters can also observe their LinkedIn profiles and make a well-informed decision. 

Q. What Monetization Options Do These Job Board Themes Offer?

A. You can monetize your job board sites using several revenue-generating options. Most of these WordPress themes provide a subscription-based pricing strategy. In this model, you can provide various pricing plans for your audiences. 

Another method includes the featured model. With this, both job seekers and recruiters can pay you to display their profiles on top of the search result. 

Besides, some of the themes even provide advertisement spaces for Google Adsense. In this strategy, you can generate revenue when a web visitor clicks on the ad. 

Q. Should I Select a Generic Job Board Theme or a Niche-Specific One?

A. To answer this question, you have to find out the primary audience of your job site. If you want to target a broad range of job seekers, then a generic job listing theme will work fine. 

However, pick a niche-specific theme if you want to target a specific group of audience. For instance, a job-listing site for pet sitters targets only those searching for jobs. 

Some of the niche-specific themes in this article are Handyman, Pet Sitter, and Babysitter

Q. How Can I Provide a Spam-Free Experience on My Job Listing Site?

A. Your web audiences might get spammed via various methods. The recruiters might get bombarded with job applications from fake profiles. So, you have to provide a secure browsing experience for them.

First of all, allow candidates to send job applications only after creating an account on your site. They should also verify their profile with an identification proof. Alternatively, they can apply via their LinkedIn profile as well. 

Even fake employers can spam job seekers. Therefore, recruiters should also verify their company’s profile before reaching out to their preferred candidates. 

Which Job Board WordPress Theme Should You Select?

At the end of this article, you must have picked an ideal job board WordPress theme.

Wait, you haven’t? But, don’t worry! We can help you with that too. 

What attributes would you want your job board website to have? A multifunctional WordPress theme helps you to list thousands of job vacancies on your site. 

We recommend you to purchase the JobScout Pro theme to build a content-rich website. You get all the essential sections and premade page templates to display jobs from various niches.

Additionally, the Jobify WordPress theme features an elegant design. You can captivate the attention of both the job seekers and recruiters with this aesthetically-pleasing web template.  

But do you prefer a simple and minimal theme? If yes, then WorkUp should be your ideal choice. This theme provides a spacious homepage design that provides a smooth browsing experience for your users. 

Wrapping Up! 

Finally, we want to recommend a list of free job Board WordPress themes as well if you don’t want to invest right away and want to give it a try. So, this list will help you with the process. 

After you are happy with a free WordPress theme, you can get a premium version of the same item. Or, you can search for another theme that provides similar features.

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